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Bellingham, WA to Seattle, WA via Mount Vernon, Arlingon, Snohomish, Everett, or via Anacortes, Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Clinton, Mukilteo

These are just notes...need to write up a detailed description but hopefully these will help in your planning!

From Bellingham south Chuckanut is scenic (although no shoulders at points but gorgeous). There is a hard packed wide and mostly flat gravel train (the Interurban) that parallels part of the route which is recommended if you don't mind gravel. I recommend taking the trail between Chuckanut Crest Dr and Larabee State Park. The part North of Chuckanut Crest Dr is not really suitable for bikes.

After the coastal part end continue down Chuckanut Dr to Bow Hill Rd. There are some lunch options here at the intersection and more in the very cute and very scenic town of Edison which is about 1 mile / 1.5 km to the West (recommended) including a artesenal bakery and the super friendly Edison Cafe.

Google may recomend you stay on Chuckanut (route 11 which merges with route 99) all the way to Mount Vernon. I do not. There are some very scenic and quiet farm roads that are a better option. I'd recommend:

  • Bow Hill Rd east to Cemetery Rd
  • Cemetery Rd to Worline Rd.
  • Worline Rd to Ershig Rd
  • Ershig Rd will become Avon Allen Rd
  • Follow Avon Allen Rd all the way (it will do some slightly odd jags but just stay on it) until you are just West of Mount Vernon.
  • If you're heading into Mount Vernon (recommended!) go East on McLean Rd. It will switch over to the main Division St and then over the Division Bridge and downtown. Don't miss the great Mount Vernon Co-op and Cafe.

Recommended accomodation options in Mount Vernon include:

  • Highland Garden House - 2 room B&B run by a local biker who has lots of good info as well as tools, bike storage, etc. Located uptown from downtown east of I-5.
  • AirBnb - several rooms hosted by Drew and Aly are simple and very nice and just on the other side of the river from downtown. If you're not a member yet, get a $25 AirBnB credit by signing up here then go to their listings here and here.

If you wanted to go via La Conner instead of Mount Vernon you could also travel via Farm to Market Rd which runs further West and is a good cute touristy town with lots of meal options and a few accomodation options.

Option 1 - Inland

From Mount Vernon you'll want to head inland to find the Centennial Trail http://www1.co.snohomish.wa.us/departments/parks/park_information/park_directory/regional_parks/cen... to Snohomish (another cute town for a break). Head south from there to Woodinville to connect to the Burke Gilman trail, see http://www.kingcounty.gov/recreation/parks/trails/regionaltrailssystem.aspx which goes all the way to the University of WA just north of Seattle downtown.

Option 2 - via Whidbey Island

If you want you can go west from Mount Vernon (or before) and go via Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. This route is very pretty for much of it. Deception Pass between the two islands is gorgeous and the village of Coupeville is a great spot (Oak Harbor is awful). If you do that you basically just follow hwy 20 then 525 (or parallel roads to Clinton where there are frequent ferries to Mukilteo. From there you're in Seattle suburbs so there are bike paths south to Seattle more or less.


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