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Victoria to Vancouver via Sidney, Tsawwassen, Delta, Richmond

Segment 1 - Victoria to Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal

km direction street name / comments
0.0 Victoria  (Info Center at Government St and Wharf St.) -  Black Ball (Coho) Ferry to Port Angeles, WA, Groceries, Restaurants, Hotels, Bike Repair. Proceed north on Wharf St along water.
0.6 Left turn Johnson St Bridge. Head over bridge on sidewalk/bike path.
1.0 Right turn Start of Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Head in direction "Songhoes".
1.4 Right turn Go over wooden bridge
3.7 Right turn After bridge over highway, go onto Lochside Trail. Continue following signs for Lochside Trail.
33.0 Sidney, BC. Washington State Ferry to Anacortes, WA and San Juan Islands, WA. Note: as trail passes ferry terminal, go right into downtown Sidney for Restaurants, Groceries, Bicycle Repair (Russ Hays Bicycle Shop), or continue on trail for Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal.
38.0 Schwartz Bay BC Ferries Terminal. Proceed to foot passenger ticketing to buy ticket. Buy ticket for yourself and bicycle to Tsawwassen.

Segment 2 - Tsawwassen to George Massey Tunnel

Note: This route takes the Highway 99 tunnel which does not permit bicycles. As such, transit through the tunnel is done via a bike shuttle or transit bus. If you prefer to ride the full distance and not take a shuttle, a substantially longer route east into Surrey and over the Alex Fraser Bridge would be necessary.

km direction street name / comments
0.0 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal - Exit terminal on Highway 17 along causeway
4.7 Left turn 52nd St
6.5 Right turn 28th Ave
6.6 Left turn 53rd St. Becomes Arthur Dr.
10.0 Right turn 44th Ave, curves right and becomes Harvest Dr
13.1 Right turn Ladner Trunk Rd
14.5 Left turn Highway 17 shoulder
15.5   Follow signs to bike shuttle.
16.5 South of tunnel bike shuttle stop (free seasonal service). If you have not consulted the schedule before this point, proceed to the shuttle stop where a sign gives details. Alternatively, busses stop nearby going north through tunnel and have bike racks for up to 2 bikes. Payment of transit fare is required.

Segment 3 - George Massey Tunnel to Vancouver via Richmond

km direction street name / comments
0.0 Bike tunnel shuttle stop on service road north of Rice Mill Rd. Go East on Rice Mill Rd.
0.9 Right turn No 5 Rd.
1.7 Left turn Steveston Hwy
2.5 Right turn Shell Rd. Continue on Shell Rd or on parallel bike path. You will pass Westminster Hwy, Alderbridge Way, Cambie Rd, Bridgeport Rd
10.0 Left turn River Dr, continue pass under Hwy 99 (Oak St Bridge) and becomes River Rd
12.7 Left turn No 3 Rd
13.0 Right turn Bridgeport Rd. Continue over bridge to Sea Island (Airport)
    Follow signs for bikes to Vancouver via Arthur Laing Bridge
    Follow SW Marine Dr
    Where SW Marine meets Granville St (Chevron Gas Station) cross at light to keep following SW Marine
    Continue straight across 70th Ave. Becomes Cornish. This is the start of the Cypress Bike Route. Follow the well-signed Cypress Bike Route for 8.6km
  Right turnLeft turn Right at 1st Ave then immediate left to Burrard St
    Enter sidewalk or bike path where marked. Cross Burrard St bridge.
  Burrard St at Davie St. Hostel nearby at 1114 Burnaby St. Hotels and downtown continue along Burrard St. Beaches go left at Davie St.


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