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BikeRoute.org is coming soon.

BikeRoute.org will provide a searchable database of long distance intercity cycling routes. Trying to find route information between New York, NY and Montreal, Quebec? How about between Austin, TX and Matamoros, Mexico? It's all here--info from cycling organizations, governments and personal journal posted by writers who have done the trip before.

Unlike other sites which offer you a million different routes you have to sift through our goal is to provide to best route between two points; great for getting from A to B.   As such, we welcome your feedback on improving our routes.

Do you have a trip report online that you'd like to submit to the database? Email the URL to editor@bikeroute.org

Until the launch...check out some favourite routes:

Or, check out cities where you can see routes originating from:

Or take a look at some of these resources: